iHeed: Two Simple Ways To Treat Water

Two Simple Ways
To Treat Water

When approached by Dr. Tom O’Callaghan at Annecy, Candy immediately saw the need for good educational films to help health workers instruct the poor populations of the Third World by showing them on their PDA’s. Better than pamphlets which can create a challenge for even literate societies, these films can easily be translated into local languages, and with motion, clearly demonstrate techniques in hygiene and other healthy practices.
Buzzco was attracted to this subject because dirty water is the number one cause of typhoid and cholera and these steps in filtering water can be done without expensive equipment or chlorine—with only a piece of cloth, clear bottles and sunshine.

Breaking news!  "Two Simple Ways to Treat Water" wins a Pixie Award!

Created and produced by
© Buzzco Associates, inc. New York City USA (www.buZZZco.com)
Designed, directed and written by Candy Kugel
Animated by Rick Broas
Music by Lanny Meyers
Produced by Marilyn Kraemer